Plushy Puppy

Plush Yellow Labrador

Aurora Babies Lucky Labrador Puppy

12 inches
Price: $11.99

Douglas Floppy Mandy Yellow Lab Dog

16 inches
Price: $23

Douglas Mini Floppy Spankie Yellow Lab Dog

12 inches
Price: $15

Gund Yellow Labrador Beanbag

Gund Yellow Labrador Beanbag: Inspired by real Yellow Labs, this puppy is adorably soft, cute and huggable. all in one puppy package! You'll notice extra two-toned color details on his ears and paws for added realism. And at about 8 long from nose to hind paw. he's easy to take with you everywhere!
Price: $10

Hansa Standing Yellow Labrador Puppy

Handcrafted European style lifelike stuffed plush standing Yellow Labrador Puppy from Hansa.
Price: $48.95

Handcrafted European style lifelike stuffed plush sitting Yellow Labrador Puppy from Hansa.
Price: $52.95

Jaag Stuffed Plush Yellow Lab Bank

A soft and fun savings bank within a beautiful stuffed plush yellow lab from Jaag Plush.
Price: $18.5

Mary Meyer Libby Lab Yellow Flip Flop

12 inches
Price: $16.99

Mary Meyer Sweet Lainey Yellow Lab

9 inches
Price: $11.49

Melissa & Doug Sunny Yellow Lab

Everyone knows how sweet and well-behaved yellow labs are, and Sunny is no exception! With her slightly weighted paws, she can sit and stay just where you put her. She has an endearing face, with shiny eyes and a velvety nose, and a soft snuggly body . Age rating: 2 yrs and up Dimensions 12 x 5 x 4
Price: $14.99

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