Plushy Puppy

Plush Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Plush Dog

9.5 inches
Price: $14.98

Aurora Goldie Golden Retriever Dog

12 inches
Price: $12.99

Cooper Plush Golden Retriever

Beautifully detailed soft plush sitting Golden Retriever stuffed dog in the size of a real puppy. From Douglas.
Price: $25.95

Douglas Floppy Bella Golden Retriever Dog

16 inches
Price: $25

Douglas HARPER GOLDEN RETRIEVER Furry Couture Purse

12 inches
Price: $25

Douglas Long Honey Golden Retriever Dog

23 inches
Price: $45

Douglas Long Sherman Floppy Golden Retriever

32 inches
Price: $144

Douglas Mini Floppy Sandi Golden Retreiver Dog

12 inches
Price: $15

Golden Retriever Giant Dog Stuffed Animal

This loyal golden retriever features lifelike details such as bright eyes, a pink tongue and a furry ruff. Attention to detail and superior quality make this gorgeous dog worthy of display; super-soft fabrics and charm galore make him irresistibly huggable! Built sturdy. Not intended as a seat or ride-on.
Price: $59.99
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Golden Retriever Plush

The Golden Retriever Stuffed animal measures approximately 16 inches.
Price: $23.95

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